Arkansas Department of Health

Arkansas Health System has been established. It serves as a guide for most important activities to enhance the health payment system, strategically plan for a future health workforce, implementing statewide use of health information technology and planning for the health benefits exchange. The mission of this institution is to protect and enhance the level of the health and well-being of all Arkansas citizens. The ADH is a unified health department, with the main office in Little Rock. There are also 94 local health departments in each of the state’s 75 counties. They are oriented on different issues and known as:

  • The Center for Health Advancement has among its many branches Chronic Disease, Tobacco Prevention and Control, Family Health, Women Infants and Children (WIC), and Oral Health.
  • The Center for Health Protection has branches for Infectious Disease, Preparedness and Emergency Response, and Health Systems.
  • The Center for Local Public Health is at the heart of the department. Our local health units ensure services to communities statewide. It is coordinated through our local health units in partnership with community stakeholders. Through this collaboration, health strategies are arranged and implemented to enhance these local health problems.
  • The Center for Public Health Practice includes branches for Vital Records, Health Statistics, and Epidemiology, our “disease detectives” who track the spread of communicable diseases like mumps, measles and chickenpox.


  • Certificates&RecordsLicensing;
  • Permits & Plan Reviews;
  • Public Health Safety Community;
  • Family&Child Health Community;
  • Statistics&Registries Data;
  • Emergencies&Disasters;
  • Prevention&Healthy Living;
  • Boards&Committees;
  • Diseases&Conditions.

Chief Science Officer (CSO) in the Arkansas Department of Health

The mission of the Office of the Chief Science Officer (CSO) is to advance scientific progress and contributions in all programmatic, educational, and public health research activities of the Arkansas Department of Health. The office of the CSO includes:

  • Namvar Zohoori, MD, Ph.D. – Chief Science Officer;
  • Austin Porter, DrPH, MPH – Deputy Chief Science Officer.

Contact info

Office Address Phone Fax
Main Office 4815 W. Markham Street
Little Rock, AR 72205
800-462-0599 (toll-free)
Director’s Office 4815 W. Markham Street, Slot 36
Little Rock, AR 72205
501-661-2400 501-671-1450

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