Vital Records

Vital Records of life events kept under state authority, including birth certificates, marriage certificates, and death certificates. In some states, vital records also include records of civil unions or domestic partnerships.

Using Vital Records service, you can replace important documents such as birth certificates, social security cards, replace your lost or stolen identification cards, get a copy of the birth certificate, request a replacement marriage certificate, request a certified copy of the death certificate and divorce certificate, etc.

Vital Records provide a quick and comfortable receipt of services, provide the opportunity to simultaneously receive several interconnected services, provide reliable and relevant information necessary for receiving services.

Vital Records service uses the highest standards of service:

  • Services are provided at a minimal cost to applicants;
  • The centers are organized as convenient as possible for applicants;
  • The centers are within walking distance of public transport;
  • The centers have specially equipped places for receiving and issuing documents, waiting places and information;
  • The premises of the centers are equipped with air conditioning, electronic queue, and electronic information boards;
  • The centers organize the provision of additional services for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.