Scott County Health Department Review

The main goal of the Scott County Health Department is to contribute to a healthy environment and healthy living behavior. This health department has created special programs for achieving these goals. They are realized under the broad guidelines of the Indiana State Health Department.


The Scott County Health Department started keeping The Vital Records Section in February 1882. There are no death or birth records in Indiana before that time. The Indiana State Department of Health, Indianapolis started keeping records in October 1907.

Every visitor can make an inquiry of such records from our office, on a walk-in basis. The attending hours are Monday – Friday (except holidays), from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Environmental Health Services in Scott County, Indiana


The goal of the Environmental Section of the Scott County Health Department is to explore and decrease environmental and public health issues in relation to the land and water of this territory. This board must effectively combine the patterns and procedures mandatory to realize the federal, state, and local laws. These efforts contribute to the reduction of the hazards including solid waste, chemical or biological agents and to maintain the quality of our land and water.

If you find some of the issues below, please report a complaint into the Indiana Board of Health:

  • inspections of food establishments;
  • health permits issued to operators;
  • soil testing;
  • inspections of existing septic systems and for failures;
  • permits issued for new septic systems;
  • investigation of complaints on septic systems incidents;
  • yearly rabies clinics with local veterinary assistance;
  • investigation of animal bites;
  • minimize risk of vector related diseases;
  • inspection of public swimming pools;
  • bathing beaches to decrease disease transmission;
  • investigation of conditions that are dangerous to the Health&Welfare Of The Community.


  • Health Officer – R. Kevin Rogers, M.D.;
  • Administrator – Michelle Goodin;
  • Registrar – Kate Miller;
  • Public Health Nurse – Brittany Combs, R.N.;
  • Public Health Nurse – Jackie Crane, R.N.;
  • Administrative Assistant – Kathy Napier;
  • Environmentalist- Tim Brunner;
  • Preparedness Coordinator – Patti Hall.


Vital Records Fees

Birth Certificate $10.00 each copy
Death Certificate $15.00 each copy
Affidavit/Name Change $20.00 each occurrence

Sanitation/Septic Fees

Septic Installer Annual Permit Fee $50.00 per installer
New System Permit and Application $100.00
Site Inspection Letter $40.00
Partial System Repair Permits $40.00

Food Establishments

Type of option Number of employees/days Fee
Annual Permit Fee 1-6 Employees $80.00
7-13 Employees $160.00
14-20 Employees $240.00
21 + Employees $360.00
Temporary Food Permits: non-exempts 1-3 days $10.00
4-7 days $20.00
8-14 days $30.00

Public Health Fees

Immunizations $5.00 Admin. Fee for Underinsured
Tuberculin Skin Test $10.00
Flu Shots As Published
Shot Records free
HIV/Hepatitis Test free

Contact info

Contact us if you have any questions about our programs. Our address is 1471 North Gardner St., Scottsburg, Indiana 47170. Available phone numbers are:

  • (812) 752-8455
  • (812) 752-8460

Hours of Operation

  • Monday: 3 pm-6pm, Needle Exchange Program
  • Tuesday: 3 pm-6pm, Needle Exchange Program
  • Wednesday: 9am-4pm
  • Thursday: 3 pm-6pm, Needle Exchange Program
  • Friday: Closed, Mobile Unit available only

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